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Data Backup Rx is a software utility that allows you to recover data and system files when you encounter any software and/or hardware problems ie. hard drive crashes and boot sector viruses. With Data Backup Rx, you can select as many folder and files that you would like to protect. This data would usually consist of important documents, Outlook PST files, emails etc.. This data can then be distributed and saved in a number of remote locations such as network LAN folders, FTP or web-based e-mail. Data Backup Rx enhances your protection from data loss since it stores and automatically timestamps your data, silently in the background - to remote locations. Data Backup Rx is an excellent companion to our popular RollBack Rx ? our Real-time PC Rollback and disaster recovery solution. PC's play a huge role in our daily lives - the information we store on them becomes increasingly important. Data loss can be a major disaster to a home user or a large organization. Lets face it - The PC has replaced stereos, encyclopedias, photo albums even the mailman. An effective disaster recovery plan includes remote data backup as an intrigul component of any organizations disaster recovery procedure. Features and Benefits of Data Backup Rx: Backup to a local folder, local drive, LAN, remote share, email address, or FTP server Backup entire drives, folders, or individual files Schedule backups daily, weekly or monthly Runs silently in the background Include or exclude certain file types Compress files using the ZIP format Encrypt files using Blowfish encryption Rotate backup locations, or backup to many locations all at once Can timestamp backups, allowing you to retain multiple backup versions Can delete older backups to conserve space Works with any FTP account, and almost any email account that is compatible with Microsoft Outlook (including free online email services)

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